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Accelerating Apache Patches for Apache/2.0a4
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This page explains what you'll find in the 2.0a4 release of the download area for this project.

Note: Apache/2.0 alpha 4 is not guaranteed to compile, run, or do anything useful. If you want a stable, fast version of Apache try one of the Apache/1.3 patches.

The following patches are available for Apache/2.0 alpha 4.
Patch Description Base
10xpatch-2.0a4-0 - Minimum changes required to allow Apache/2.0 alpha 4 to compile and serve a page on Irix 6.5.
- All-new state-threaded multi-processing module (MPM) that's faster than any standard Apache/2.0 MPM.
27 Jul 2000

After applying any of the above patches you should clean out all the original-version files patch leaves lying around, when you're done with them.

  % find . -name '*.orig' -print | xargs rm -f

This is how I configure the patched product for Irix 6.5:

  % env CPPFLAGS="-DIRIX=65" configure --with-mpm=stm \
  --enable-status ...

and on Linux:

  % env CPPFLAGS="-DNO_LINGCLOSE" configure --with-mpm=stm \
  --enable-status ...

but you can do it differently.