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Accelerating Apache Patches for Apache/1.3.6
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This page explains what you'll find in the 1.3.6 release of the download area for this project.

Some of these patches use non-standard directory names. Some patches add new files to the source tree which you will have to install by hand. Follow the special instructions for those patches. (I won't do it this way again. I was new to the whole patch thing.)

These are the original patches contributed to the Apache Software Foundation. Read the introduction.

The following patches are available for Apache/1.3.6.
Patch Description Base
Ports to SGI's 64-bit ABI and fixes all compiler warnings.
Special instructions
8 Jul 1999
Optimizes request parsing.
14 Jul 1999
Apache/1.3.6 + patch #1
Optimizes request logging.
15 Jul 1999
Apache/1.3.6 + patches #1 and #2
Optimizes time-of-day queries.
20 Jul 1999
Apache/1.3.6 + patches #1 through #3
Eliminates graceful restarts.
20 Jul 1999
Apache/1.3.6 + patches #1 through #4
Eliminates getsockname().
20 Jul 1999
Apache/1.3.6 + patches #1 through #5
Eliminates accept-serialization lock.
20 Jul 1999
Apache/1.3.6 + patches #1 through #6
Adds a Quick Shortcut Cache.
Special instructions
2 Sep 1999
Apache/1.3.6 + patches #1 through #7
Miscellaneous optimizations and credit.
Special instructions
3 Nov 1999
Apache/1.3.6 + patches #1 through #8
Irix-specific optimizations.
3 Nov 1999
Apache/1.3.6 + patches #1 through #9
10xpatchall All of the above patches in one big patch.
3 Nov 1999

Check the FAQ for tips including how to apply a patch and how to build a really fast Apache.

After applying any of the above patches you must decode the included GIF file. It's also a good idea to clean out all the original-version files patch leaves lying around, when you're done with them.

  % ( cd apache_1.3.6/htdocs; uudecode sgi_performance.gif.uu )
  % find . -name '*.orig' -print | xargs rm -f

If you can't decode the GIF file you can download it instead and install it in the htdocs directory of your source tree.

Special Instructions

  • Patch 1:
    % mv 64-bit.html apache_1.3.6+01/htdocs/manual
    % mv ap_types.h apache_1.3.6+01/src/include/ap_types.h
  • Patch 8:
    % mv qsc.html apache_1.3.6+01-08/htdocs/manual
    % mv qsc.c apache_1.3.6+01-08/src/main
  • Patch 9:
    % uudecode sgi_performance.gif.uu
    % mv sgi_performance.gif apache_1.3.6+01-09/htdocs
    % mv perf-mja.html apache_1.3.6+01-09/htdocs/manual/misc

See what documentation is included.