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Accelerating Apache Patches for Apache/1.3.11
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This page explains what you'll find in the 1.3.11 release of the download area for this project.

The following patches are available for Apache/1.3.11.
Patch Description Base
10xpatch-1.3.11-0 All of the earlier patches ported to Apache/1.3.11.
10 Feb 2000
10xpatch-1.3.11-1 + Added pointers to the Accelerating Apache Project.
+ Optimized parsing more than one request header.
+ Optimized for HTTP/1.1.
+ Fixed incorrect qsc_cas() variant selection.
+ Fixed compiler warnings.
1 Mar 2000
Apache/1.3.11 + 10xpatch-1.3.11-0

Check the FAQ for tips including how to apply a patch and how to build a really fast Apache.

After applying any of the above patches you must decode the included GIF file. It's also a good idea to clean out all the original-version files patch leaves lying around, when you're done with them.

  % ( cd apache_1.3.11/htdocs; uudecode sgi_performance.gif.uu )
  % find . -name '*.orig' -print | xargs rm -f

If you can't decode the GIF file you can download it instead and install it in the htdocs directory of your source tree.

Because I hadn't yet learned the right way to make a multi-file patch, your patch command may leave the seven new files in the current directory instead of placing them where they belong. See FAQ #16.

See what documentation is included.